Underwater Photography & Videography Tips
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diver holds an octopus

      The Channel Islands offer some excellent opportunities to break out the cameras and burn a little film.

      All of the photos shown at this web site were taken at the Channel Islands by Mike Meagher, an old time diver and good friend of the crew's.  If he could take these photos, so can you!

      Catalina, and San Clemente Islands often experience excellent visibility (by Soouthern California standards) with vis in the 60'(20m) up to 100'(34m) range.  These islands are ideal for wide angle, existing light or existing light with fill photography.

      The kelp beds of Giant Bladder Kelp, Macrosystis, Spanish Shawl nudibranch crals across a depth guage offers excellent vistas, and towers 60 to 100 feet above the bottom.  Also, the bright orange Garibaldi , our state marine fish, is an excellent and cooperative subject.  Just crack open a sea urchin with a dive knife and you'll have your subject eating out of your hand.  Also, you may find an occasional Moray eel, another friendly yet non-lethal subject.  And the region is covered with beautiful invertibrate life, including colorful Nudibranchs.  garabldi emerges from the dark through a bed of eel grass

      All of the islands, offshore reefs and wrecks offer excellent close-up photography opportunities. Many sites are thick with invertebrate life including rare Purple and Pink Hydrocorals, colorful sea stars, dazzeling anenomes, some small octopus species, and much more.  

      You can't go wrong by bringing your camera or video tape recorder on your next Great Escape dive trip.

home calendar great diving dive site map reefs & wrecks boat

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