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The Great Escape is an 80' long, 25' beam USCG approved vessel designed from the keel up with divers in mind.
starboard side of the Great Escape anchored at Catalina
Starboard side of the Great Escape at Catalina, viewed from our inflatable chase boat.
port side of the Great Escape at Catalina
The port side of the Great Escape at Catalina.
stern view of the Great Escape, diver climbs back on board, people enjoy the sun deck
Stern view of the Great Escape.  A diver climbs on board while others enjoy the sun deck above the galley.
Model Patty June Chappell enjoys the sun deck
Model Patty June Chappell enjoys the sun deck after a dive at Farnsworth Bank.  The back side of Catalina Island is in the background.

The boat has plenty of room for dive gear, tank racks, and a large water level boarding ramp which makes getting on the boat (from the water) really easy.

Two divers board the Great Escape from the swim step, Sutil Island is in the background
Two divers board from the swim step.   Sutil Island, an islet next to Santa Barbara Island, is in the background.

The vessel is Coast Guard certified to carry 49 passengers.   But for your comfort, we carry a maximum limited load of 35 passengers.

Great Escape Specifications

Built 1979
Owner Captain Tim Burke
Designers Roger Hess & Ralph Matsamoto
Most Recent Coast Guard Certification June 2003
Length 80 feet
Beam 25 feet
Draft 6 feet and 3 inches
Stability Rating 125 People
Coast Guard Passenger Limit 49 passengers + crew
Engines (2) GMC 1271
Fuel Capacity 1700 Gallons 
Generators (2) GMC 371, 30 & 35 KW 220V Three Phase
Cruising Speed 10 Knots
Maximum Speed 14 Knots
Gross Displacement 97 Tons
Net Displacement 64 Tons
Fresh Water Capacity 1200 Gallons
Air Compressors (2) Ingersoll-Rand 10T2
Air Fills to 3200 psi / DIN valves supported
Radar JRC : 48 mile range
GPS Garmin
Depth Finder JRC MK2
Radios (2) Polaris RDF & Raytheon RAY-50A
Galley Seating 30
Passenger Bunks 12 double & 25 single, including 6 private staterooms

There are bunks for all, including 6 private staterooms.  Also included are two spacious heads and four fresh hot water showers.

There is a full service galley and huge mess (nautical lingo for the eating area) large enough to seat us all at one time which includes color TV, VCR, and stereo.  However, we have not quite figured out yet how to keep the cable TV connected.  We also have 110 AC power outlets if you need to charge strobes, dive lights, etc..

Divers eat dinner at San Clemente Island       divers enjoy their dinner at San Clemente Island
Divers enjoy their dinner after diving all day at San Clemente Island.

No fax machines, telephones, copiers or other business services are provided as you are not allowed to think of work while you are aboard the Great Escape.   Only relaxation and fun is allowed and this rule is strictly enforced.

Layout of the Bunk Rooms

Click on Image for larger version or here for PDF image file
stateroom and bunk map
All bunks have privacy curtains.   We supply a blanket and pillow(s) for each bunk.   Many divers bring sleeping bags, especially for multi day trips.

Model Patty June eats lunch on the deck
Model Patty June Chappell tans and reads on the deck between dives.
The port tank racks and San Clemente Island are in the background.

A diver tells a fish story at the live well divers and thier dive bags placed along the starboard rail the Great Escape at twilight boarding time, sitting at the dock at 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro, California

Two divers stand on the stern next to the starboard tank racks - thick kelp bed in the background
Divers stand on the stern deck near the starboard tank racks.   The live well is in the foreground, a dense kelp bed is in the background.

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