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What Can You Expect from Your Great Escape Dive Trip?

a diver holds an octopus in front of his mask
  • World Class Southern California Diving
    • The Channel Islands
    • Deep Reefs and Pinnacles
    • Wreck Dives
    • Lush Kelp Forests
  • The Great Escape
    • 80' long with a 25' beam
    • Diving Amenities
      • Large Deck with Sit Down Tank Racks
      • Fresh Water Camera Rinse Tank
      • Camera Storage, Charging, and Maintenance Station
      • Large Live Well and Deep Freezer for Game
      • 3200 psi air fills (DIN supported)
      • Lighted Swim Step for Night Dives
    • Comfortable Accommodations
      • Large Bunks and Staterooms
      • Huge Galley that Comfortably Seats 30
      • Large Sun Deck
      • Two Heads and Four Hot Showers
  • Knowledgeable and Courteous Service from Our Friendly Crew
    • From your first call until your return home
  • Good Food Made from Fresh Ingredients
    • All food, air fills, and non-alcoholic beverages are always included!
  • Your Best Value in Live-Aboard Dive Trips!

Multiple Day Live-Aboard Trips

Divers prepare for their night dive at San Clemente Island
Divers prepare for their night dive at San Clemente Island.
     Our multiple day live-aboard dive trips provide the finest California diving available.   We often visit sites that are too remote for day trips.   On some trips we explore deep offshore reefs and pinnacles; Cortes Bank, Begg Rock, and Tanner Bank.   We also visit outer islands; San Nicolas Island, the back side of San Clemente Island, and San Miguel Island,   You will have the opportunity to make five to nine dives on every day but the last, including at least one dive each night.   On the last day there will be at least three dives before we return to port.
     We will visit a combination of both known sites, and explore new ones.   We usually start each day with an advanced dive at a deep reef or pinnacle.   Then we progress to shallower sites as the day develops.   The day will end with an twilight and night dive at our anchoring spot for the night.
     We always file a multiple day trip declaration with the Department of Fish and Game, so you may bring home a multiple day bag limit.

Limited Load Trips

     Our standard load is 35 passengers, even though we are Coast Guard certified for 49.   Yet because of our large well organized deck with sit down tank racks and spacious galley that comfortably seats 30, you will never feel crowded.
     However many experienced divers, especially underwater photographers and hunters, appreciate the advantages of diving with a less people in the water.
     When conditions permit at especially spectacular advanced dive sites, we will sometimes stay and do multiple dives.   This gives you an additional opportunity to explore a site that is rarely visited.   The longer surface interval required for such sites means we may get one or two less dives in that day, however the breathtaking beauty of such sites as Tanner Bank and Begg Rock are well worth the trade.
     If you are a diver with advanced skills, these dive trips offer opportunities you will find nowhere else.   Your limited load trip on the Great Escape will provide the most outstanding diving Southern California has to offer.   This is a dive trip you will always fondly remember.

Single Day Trips

     Single Day Trips can be run to most destinations.   Catalina Island, Santa Barbara Island, the lee side of San Clemente Island, and local wrecks are the usual destinations since the longer running times to other sites limits the time available for diving.
     On your single day dive trip aboard Great Escape you will have the opportunity to make at least three dives.   If time and conditions permit, four dives are possible.

New Moon Lobster SpecialTM

     New Moon Lobster SpecialsTM are the dives lobster hunters dream about.   Full nights of diving for bugs!   The nights are chosen on a new moon to ensure complete darkness.

Great Food on the Great Escape

     Because active divers work up an appetite, we will keep you well fed during your Great Escape dive trip.   All food and non-alcoholic beverages are included on all trips.   Drinks include Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Lemon-Lime Soda, soda water, pink lemonade, hot coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, and hot and cold water.
      The menu varies each day and we try to take advantage of whatever is in season, but a typical multi-day's menu follows:
  • Breakfast:
    • dry cereal
    • scrambled eggs, pancakes, or French toast
    • bacon and/or sausage
    • home style fries or hash browns
    • fruit salad
    • fresh fruit
    • milk, coffee, and juices
  • Mid-morning snack:
    • fresh fruits
    • danishes
  • Lunch:
    • Build-Your-Own-Mile-High burger, pasta, or tacos
    • chips & fresh salsa
    • salads
    • fresh fruit
  • Afternoon snack:
    • cookies
    • deli tray with dip
    • chips & fresh salsa
  • Dinner:
    • baked ham, turkey, or grilled steak
    • fresh cooked vegetable(s)
    • baked potatoes or Kym's special potato casserole
    • garden salad
    • dinner rolls
  • Evening Desert:
    • ice cream
    • pie or cake
     Let us know in advance if chartering a trip or bringing a group. We can make arrangements for that special birthday, party, or wedding, and are always open to ideas.

Diving on the Great Escape

     We support the responsible diver code and respect you right as a certified diver to dive in any safe manner you choose.   Before diving on the Great Escape, you will be required to show your valid dive certification card and fishing license if you intend to take game.
     You are responsible for keeping track of your own bottom times and surface intervals.
     You only need to bring one tank, because we refill tanks on the boat up to 3200 psi.   If you want to bring an extra tank, a mixed gas tank, or double tanks please inquire when you make your reservations, we do allow this when space is available.
     If you choose to go out on one of our charter trips, please check with the group chartering the boat.   Many groups provide their own divemasters and set their own diving policies.

Responsible Dive Logo

The Code of the Responsible Diver :

  • I dive within the limits of my ability and training.
  • I evaluate the conditions before every dive and make sure they fit my personal capabilities.
  • I am familiar with and check my equipment before and during every dive.
  • I respect the buddy system and its advantages.
  • I accept the responsibility for my own safety on every dive.
  • I am environmentally conscious on every dive.

What to Bring

     Each guest is responsible for bringing their own diving gear, including tank and weight belt.   The Great Escape does not provide any gear at this time.
     We suggest that you bring a submersible pressure gage, depth gage, timing device or dive computer, and buoyancy compensating device.   All tanks brought aboard will be checked for current Hydro and VIP status before being filled.   Divers are responsible for monitoring their own bottom times and dive tables.
     Don't forget to bring your certification card plus a fishing license if you intend to take game.   Don't forget dry towels, sun screen, etc.   Guests are not allowed to bring large coolers aboard.   We have a large built in freezer for keeping your game.   Small "playmate" size coolers are OK.   All bunks include blankets and pillows, but you may feel more at home if you bring your favorite sleeping bag.   Also, bring a little cash for the galley and air fills (for some single day charters only), and tips.   Air fills, food, and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the price of all trips.


     Gratuities are not included in any trip pricing.   The crew works hard to make your stay aboard the Great Escape enjoyable.   If deserved and earned, it is customary on most dive boats to tip the crew.   Your thanks are greatly appreciated.
When I can afford to, I typically tip about $20 to $30 day on all dive boats, including the Great Escape, assuming the service merits such a tip.   The crew works very hard to make sure your trip is enjoyable, including doing many things you never see if they do their job well.   - Chris Grossman
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